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AITA for not wanting to support my boyfriend’s early retirement?

“My boyfriend has just paid off his mortgage and now wants to take early retirement on £8k per annum.

The only way he can afford to do this would be for me to move in with him and work full time so that the bills can be paid and he can do what he wants in his spare time.

I am fifty and my own pension fund is not great so I don’t expect to be able to retire for the next twenty years.

Am I being unreasonable in not wanting to uproot my life, and that of my son, and wanting to pursue my own career on my own terms? I am planning on going traveling while working once my son leaves home, and saving as much money as possible, not supporting my boyfriend who has never supported me.

Am I an a**hole for putting myself first (as my parents and boyfriend seem to think) or should my boyfriend re think his situation?

I don’t have any real advantage in doing this as my boyfriend is leaving the house to his stepson even if I do move in with him, and I would have to get rid of all my stuff as there’s no room for it at his place…”

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This reader said that this woman should only do this if it’s going to benefit her.

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Another Reddit user made it very clear what they think…

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Another reader said that this guy seems like he wants to take advantage of this situation.

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And this person said this woman needs to DROP THE ZERO.

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