What would have to be going on for you to refuse to give a kid a cupcake with a candle in it AND refuse to sing “Happy Birthday” to them?

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AITA for refusing to give a kid a cupcake with candle and sing happy birthday to him?

“I know it sound bad but please hear me out….

Background: I have 2 boys that are 2 years apart, 4 and 6. The 6yo’s bday party was last weekend, the 4yo (well, he is turning 4) will have his bday party in a couple of weeks. I have always had a shared party since they bdays are so close, but older brother wanted a party just for him.

Ok the story, we invited few family members and some friends, nothing to big, there was a total of 12 kids ranging from baby to a 8yo. We all had a good time everyone was happy. 10 seconds after we sang happy birthday and my son blew his candles, a ‘friend’(she is my husband’s friend’s wife) asked for a cupcake and a candle and proceed to say that now we are singing for her almost 3yo.

I honestly thought it was a joke. It was not his birthday and even if it was? That’s weird! She said they have started a tradition that every time they go to a party he gets to blow the candles too and gets a HB song sang to him too. I was taken so aback that I said we are only celebrating my son’s special day so we are not singing happy bday to her kid.

Her kid cried, threw a tantrum and they left after that. Some family told me I was rude on refusing. Was I? I now feel bad but this is the reason my kid wanted a ‘solo party’.

Was I wrong?”

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