Hey, some nicknames are hurtful and people don’t take to them very kindly.

I remember when I was young there was a girl who got the nickname “Stinky.”

I think it’s safe to say that she wasn’t a fan…

So is this woman wrong for reporting her boss over a nickname she was given?

Read the story below and see what you think…

AITA for reporting my boss over a nickname?

“Im 31yo, female, and recently started a new job.

Its a 5 guys office, plus the boss. The boss is one of those guys who think has a natural charm that ladies would instantly fall for, but he looks like a thumb, and has a lot of dumb confidence for making inappropriate comments, even when talking to me about work issues.

I keep him at arms length, and I’m very professional with my workmates.

Some days ago i was chasing after some workmate, because was procrastinating sending me a document. I went to him to make him send it, and he said “Ok”. Took his phone, opened the messages’ app, and sent me the file, but looking at it, I noticed that he saved my number as “Jessica Rabbit”.

I asked him about it, confused, and looked at me, shocked, eyes wide opened. Just said “Im sorry”. I didn’t let him go, and interrogating him until he confessed that the boss always calls me “Jessica Rabbit”.

To be clear, im naturally a red head, got it from mom, and dye my hair red when it gets darker, but I dont look like “Jessica Rabbit” im flat as a table, yes, I had trust issues about it, and worked very hard to like my body. I despise the thought of being compared to a hyper s**ualized cartoon character.

I talked to my boss when he came into the office, and asked about the nickname. He just said “Because you both are s**y redheads”, I told him to stop it, because I don’t feel safe, he just said “why are you so angry? Its a compliment” I said its not and stormed out.

I went to HR to do a formal complaint, the HR lady said that she’ll process the complaint, but that it was worthless, because “Boss is just like that”. I told her that I dont like my boss’ attitude, and need a warrant to stop.

Since then, my boss stopped talking to me, and my workmates say that I’m way too dramatic, and dont know how to take a compliment, they also complained that don’t feel safe around me, because they dont know if I will twist their words somehow.

AITA here?”

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