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AITA for robbing my brother of his full inheritance?

“My brother Ben (35) is spoilt. Mum favoured him over us girls. He always got what he wanted, or he threw tantrums, even at my sister’s funeral (she was 16. Ben 14, me 11).

My dad has 2 brothers and 1 sister. When my uncle was 22, he came out as gay. My grandparents (GPs) were shocked but they loved and accepted him for who he was. My Dad married my Mum and with my uncle, did lots together. To us he was the fun uncle.

My aunt and other uncle married their partners but they were always critical of my other uncle because of his life choices. My GPs held the family together but in 2016, they both d**d within 9 months of each other. My aunt and uncle disowned my gay uncle. He was upset but he and my Dad have always been close, so we became his only family.

In 2019, my uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer. He rewrote his will and asked my brother to be executor because Dad wasn’t coping with him being sick. Ben accepted as he believed that my uncle would split everything between him and myself.

My uncle d**d in May 2021. My Dad, my uncle’s boyfriend and I were with him. I called and messaged my brother repeatedly, but he didn’t answer or come to say goodbye. At the funeral, Dad was a mess but my brother was giddy. A couple of weeks of my brother pestering my Dad to find the will later, we looked in my uncle’s safe.

Dad unlocked it and Ben grabbed the paperwork. Soon after, he swiped everything off my uncle’s desk, swore, yelled and stormed out. Later I found the will and my uncle had split his estate 4 ways. 1/4 each to my brother, myself, my uncle’s boyfriend and cancer research. Ben was angry because he only got 1/4. He contested the will.

He claimed that he only accepted the job of executor because he was promised 1/2. He believed he should get 1/2 and the other 1/2 should be split 3 ways. It went to court in October 2022. I testified, and when asked if my brother should get 1/2 of the estate because of “all the work” he had to do, I said no.

I said my dad and I had done more than my brother helping my uncle simplify his affairs prior to his d**th and that my uncle was a deliberate man, and we should respect his wishes. Ben was livid but still thought he would win. He didn’t. Early December I was notified that Ben got 1/4 minus costs, and the rest of us got 1/4 each.

He went nuts demanding I compensate him because I cost him “his” money. My mother blew up my phone with “how could I do this to her baby” and relatives are telling me I did the wrong thing. Mum banned me from Christmas (my parents divorced when I was 16) because of my “poor behaviour” and told everyone I refused to come after what I did.

Ben had a NYE party and my SIL sent me a message saying “sorry” with a picture of my photo on Ben’s dartboard and a sign telling his guests to throw darts at me and to message my number and tell me I’m an AH.

I only got 2 messages from his friends, so I don’t think I am but Reddit, AITA?”

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