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AITA for saying “Sorry my husband loves me”?

“Weird title, but hear me out.

I (32F) am currently pregnant with my first child (15 weeks along). Also not located in the US.

When my husband (35M) found out we were pregnant, he took it upon himself to drive me to and from work every day, and help me take things into my work place every morning and carry them back out at the end of the day.

I didn’t ask him to do this for me, and have insisted on doing things myself because I can, but I also think it’s sweet he wants to take care of me like that. I am capable of driving and carrying things just fine. However, he really wants to do this for me, so hey not complaining.

I’m not saying anyone should expect their spouse to bend over backwards like this during their pregnancy. However, since my husband has volunteered to do this, I am not going to say no to being pampered either.

I am not the first person in my department to be pregnant or have kids, but I am the youngest. My colleagues seeing this every day have made comments, but nothing rude. They just commented on what my husband does for me, which again is really incredibly sweet of him. However, their comments are becoming incredibly repetitive and annoying to hear as it feels as though they’re blaming me.

One of the coworkers (A, 36F) is a mom and went through a difficult pregnancy while working, while another coworker (B, 35F) is happily child free. Both have been making comments daily about how I should stand up to my husband and take control of doing things myself.

A keeps recounting her own pregnancy and how her husband never did these things for her, whilst B thinks I am going against feminism. She said that she brought this situation up to her husband and his response was “If you’re expecting me to treat you like that, don’t get pregnant.” Which is pretty appalling imo.

B has even drunk called me on a weekend to inform me that I am going against the core values of feminism, which rubbed me the wrong way because it makes no sense.

Yesterday, A and B were at it again with their comments, and I finally snapped back saying “Sorry it bothers you guys that much that my husband loves me.” They both didn’t take it well as they became quite, and have been very distant since.

I did apologise for snapping, but nothing’s changed. I do feel bad. AITA?”

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