Things can get dicey when it comes to family money.

There’s infighting, backstabbing, and a whole lot of drama.

Check out this story and see if you think this woman was wrong for telling her family that they’re not in their grandparents’ trust.


“I’m a 44F with five kids, (twin boys who are 21, 16F, 11F, 9M) I come from a large narcissistic family with my dad as the leader. I have seven other siblings that are just as narcissistic. My childhood was so rough that I went to live with my grandparents in middle school and never went back. Best decision ever.

My father is my grandparents only living child. He nearly ran my grandfather’s construction business into the ground ‘embezzling’ money, which forced my grandfather’s hand to repossess his business back, which hurt him because he’d never expected such a thing from his own child.

This damaged their relationship. My father went on to take more money out of their personal accounts and even put them on the line for a mortgage for his home. I begged and pleaded for my grandfather to pursue charges. All he ever said was, ‘No one will ever prosper from greed.’

My grandparents came out of retirement in their seventies to bring the business back to life. It was a no brainer for me, I resigned from my job and moved back home to help them. They did the impossible and made the business a success once again, but in the same it practically took their lives.

For the last five years, I’ve been caregiver and running the business along with my sons, ALONE, and it’s no easy feat but I’ve done it. Their Papa has taught them everything he knows, and they love it so much that their going to school, so they can be fully equipped to help me more with the business.

Mind you my family hasn’t reached out barely at all. We see them on holidays if that. They didn’t even call when they knew my gp’s were in the hospital. My grandmother was first to transition over. The moment word was delivered about my grandfather in the process of ‘transitioning’ that’s when my father found his ‘heart.’ He was here every day and in the same this is when the disrespect started.

I was subjected to listening to my parents and siblings discuss what of my grandparents would be sold and taken, who would get what, while my grandfather was laying right there in bed as they discussed this! Most times I would get up and leave the room and go cry, when I should have been laughing, because I knew my grandparents had left them nothing.

They have an irrevocable estate trust that’s solid and structured to a tee. Anyhow on the ‘last day’ my father had the audacity to tell me that he no longer needed my help at the company. That he would be taking back over.

I ignored him. Asked me when, did I plan on moving out, because he had offers on the home. A home that has been in our family for generations! I still ignored him! Then he told me I had thirty days to move out!

My mother stated they were being fair so there was no need for my attitude! I lost it! I screamed to the top of my lungs that my grandparents hadn’t left them a dime so crawl back to the hole they’d crawled out of! It’s been h*ll ever since with all kinds of calls!”

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