Having a newborn baby is stressful for every couple and you better believe that having guests stay at your house in those early days can make things even more complicated.

So that’s why this woman asked the fine folks on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if they think she acted like a jerk after she just had a baby.

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AITA for telling my husband that his parents cannot stay at our house for the first two weeks after we bring the baby home?

“I told my husband that after I just gave birth I do not want to also be responsible for hosting people at the house either.

His parents have plenty of money and can easily afford a nice hotel—they are NOT in a hard financial situation. Our house is not that big and honestly they can be kind of overbearing. I want the three of us to get our bonding time in as a family without them staying at the house.

I said they are welcome to come down as early as they want, and are welcome to visit during the days the are in town. But I think it’s reasonable to not have any overnight guests at least for the first two weeks. He keeps asking “why can’t they just stay in the guest room?”


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One person said that she’s NTA and they shared the experience they had with their son and daughter-in-law.

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And this individual also said she’s NTA and she shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling this way.

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Another Reddit user said she needs to work with her husband on a timeframe for when they can have visitors.

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