We’re all a little cramped these days because the pandemic has caused most of us to work from home.

So that means people with significant others and kids are REALLY on top of each other these days.

And this woman wants to know if she’s wrong for telling her husband to take his therapy sessions OUT OF THE HOUSE.

Let’s see what happened in this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

AITA for telling my husband to have his therapy sessions somewhere else?

“Me [F34] And my husband [M33] live in a 2 bedroom apartment. He started recently attending online therapy.

Reasons? No reason in particular. no losing family member, no recent traumas or accidents he just says he feels too overwhelmed with work (he works a demanding job but I won’t mention it because I don’t want him to be judged for it) he wanted to let off some steam and attend therapy.

I 100% encouraged him and said ‘go for it. However these therapy sessions have been happening for a period of 3 months. And he’d have 2 sessions in just one day. He says he found another therapist which’s illogical to me but anyway. he’d stay in the bedroom for hours on end preventing me from coming in.

I’m talking 3 to 4 hrs a day and Whenever I walk into the bedroom which was only twice the laptop gets slammed shut and my husband would just stare at me confused. I pointed out how rude it was to do this to his therapist(s) and he aggressively replied that what’s really rude is the way I barge in while he’s trying to have his therapy session. He told me if I walk in one more time he will take matters into his own hands.

Yesterday I had an emergency and had to get inside the bedroom to get my pad pack which I keep in my closet. I kept knocking but he didn’t answer so I walk in quietly but he immediately shuts his laptop and looks enraged then says “oh so we doin’ this??? Okay” then he gets off his chair and starts lashing out saying “I’m struggling here and you don’t even pretend to give a s**t anymore!!! it’s called privacy and you should respect that! NOW get out!!!”.

I get out and he locks the door. I was fuming at this point but managed to get my pad before he kicked me out. Out of respect I waited til his session was over and started arguing with him about how utterly bad it was of him to lock me out of the room that’s supposed to be a. shared. space. between us.

He said he had to lock me out because of my barging/snooping and continuous disrespect of his privacy. I straight up said he needed to start having his therapy sessions somewhere else since it’s not okay for him to keep the bedroom busy for 4hrs. That’s just too much!!!. He said I could go in and take whatever I need before he locks the door but I won’t take all my stuff out that is not logical to me.

I told him he could take his laptop and really go anywhere else whether in the apartment, coffee shop, car or even the parking lot! He shamed me and said this is his apartment too and that I was being negative and disrespectful instead of supportive and understanding of his situation

We’ve been arguing about it for hours til now.

Now I’m leaving this to you. Am i wrong for asking him that?”

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