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AITA for walking out of my baby shower after MIL denied me food?

“Before I start I’d like to say that I’m a bit of a big girl. No shame in that, I love myself just the way I am and I have been living by the motto “be you, everybody else’s taken”.

MIL (DH’s mom) always made comments about my weight, eversince I got pregnant, she started making more comments while low key shaming me for what I eat.

Whenever I visit, she’d give me smaller plate, portion, cup even spoons. She also buys me “small size” clothes even though I’m in my 2nd trimester and those clothes don’t fit.

My SIL decided to throw me a baby shower after my DH denied when my sister offered to throw me one. The whole side of my inlaws are invited. Mom refused to come after what DH said to my sister (another story for later).

I got there and MIL was in charge of serving food to the guests. All that was served was cakes and juice. I got hungry from talking and I got up to eat some cake. The second I put my hand on the cake. MIL grabbed my arm and said that I’d gained enough weight already and that if “I keep this” up her son will not be happy living with “a large Walrus”.

I was shocked I didn’t know how to react especially since she said this out loud. She looked at me in a “sorry-not-sorry” kind of way. I put the cake down and grabbed my stuff and started walking. Her daughter stopped me saying I can’t leave mid party and embarrass her like that.

I told her to tell her mom to leave if she wanted me to stay but she went off and said “Are you crazy? She’s my mom! you want me to kick her out in front of everybody?”. I turned around and kept walking. I called mom to come pick me up and went home.

DH came home looking furious. He asked me to explain what I did at the baby shower and why. I mentioned what his mom did and he started ranting about how I f**ked this up over something so minor. I told him it wasn’t minor in my opinion since she literally cut me off food and didn’t let me eat when I was hungry.

He said that his mom meant well and that I needed to get rid of this “easily offended” mindset immediately before I pass it down to our son. He said that cakes are essential foods, and that this was not a good enough reason to walk out the baby shower that his mom and sister put a ton of money, time and effort into.

He said that I had hours to call and fix things up but I refused. I went to stay with my mom because he wouldn’t stop pressuring me to call and apologize for what happened.

He kept talking about how p**sed and let down his mom and sister feel and called me ungrateful and spiteful for doing what I did.

Am I overreacting here?”

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