The older I get, the more I hear stories about people STORMING out of parties and events.

Is that a thing?

I feel like it might be a thing…

Anyway, read this story and see if you think this woman acted like an an a**hole.

AITA for walking out of my sister’s birthday party after she announced she was pregnant?

“Growing up, my sister (26) and I (23 F), were not that close. She was my parent’s favorite daughter.

I have always been a little overweight, I had PCOS, my sister was slim and fit. I always held that resentment towards her, especially when she belittled me with my mom. Not letting me eat more than one serving of dinner or more than one serving of dessert. Telling me that sleeping in was making me gain weight. She always overshadowed my accomplishments.

My sister married when she was 23 to a wealthy man (28) from our community. We’re Indian, her marriage was arranged. They have 3 beautiful kids. I love my niece and nephews more than anything

I married my husband (26) two years ago and we have been trying for a baby for almost one year. My sister always said that it was because I brought shame to my parents for marrying outside our culture that I couldn’t have a baby. After many negative pregnancy tests, a few months ago, we finally had a positive pregnancy test.

Unfortunately, when I was four months, I had a miscarriage. I was devastated. I couldn’t believe what was going on. Two months after our tragedy, my family threw my sister a birthday party. There she and her husband announced they were pregnant. My heart did ache, but I was happy for them

As the evening went on, my sister kept making comments like, “we weren’t even trying for a baby”, “It so funny how we get pregnant so easily”. Just as I thought things couldn’t get worse. We were standing with cousins when my sister said “We didn’t even want more kids, I was almost contemplating having an a**rtion” She said all that while looking at me.

I am all for women having a**rtions, but having my sister use it as a weapon against me. Showing off how fertile she is, how she was contemplating having an a**rtion after they decided to keep the baby and announce it. That really hurt me. I was so upset and frustrated. My husband noticed the change in my emotions immediately. We said goodbye to my parents and let the party immediately.

I got many texts from my sister and our cousins calling me jealous and an a**hole for walking out on my sister’s birthday party, and not being part of their pregnancy celebration. My husband and our friends say that I had all the rights to feel the way I did, but I’m not sure.

So, am I the a**hole?”

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