No doubt about it, you want to be as careful as possible when you stay overnight in a hotel…and that means ANY hotel.

And a woman named Allie Lovegood shared a video on TikTok to educate people about things to be aware of when they’re in an unfamiliar place on the road.

Lovegood made the video in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida, and she shows viewers how to make sure there isn’t a two-way mirror in their rooms, how to check for hidden. cameras, and more.

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People who viewed the video on TikTok appreciated Lovegood’s advice.

One person said:

“1. Thank you. 2. Glad I’m not the only one who does this. 3. We need more of this.”

Other viewers shared additional tips.

One said that people should take the comforter off of hotel beds because places don’t usually wash them.

Another individual gave this advice:

“You can also buy a small portable travel alarm to put on the back of the door at night that goes off if opened.

I used to travel alone for work.”

In an interview, Lovegood also said,

“Paying attention to other people’s behavior and mannerisms has allowed me to stay safe and leave quickly if I feel something is off.”

Do you have any hotel safety tips to add to this conversation?

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Thanks in advance!