I do my best to mind my own business and stay out of other peoples’ affairs but I guess sometimes folks feel like they need to speak up.

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AITA for ‘inserting myself’ into someone else’s dinner situation?

“Ok I know the title is confusing but hear me out.

I went out to eat with my (34f) bf (35m) and a two other couples. For context I am a mother to a 5yr old (not my bf child). So two tables away was a new parent couple & what I can only assume was the guys parents. I assumed this because I was that girl when I first had my child. Out to dinner with your fathers child and his family and baby is being fussy- you’re struggling and no one is helping you.

Baby’s crying for about 15 min now all while the father or no one else for that matter is offering her any help or a break so she can have at least a bite of her food that’s been sitting there cold for about 30 min. I really just wanted to run to her grab the baby for a bit and tell her to eat.

This is where I might I have been an a**hole:baby’s crying (again no one paying attention) and she goes to comfort baby and breastfeed. Well ALL of a sudden she’s the center of attention! Baby father says what are you doing? That’s disgusting go to a stall in the bathroom! At this point I lost it.

My bf was trying to calm me down the entire time telling me it’s none of my business but I just went ham. I got up from my table walked over and told him if he found it so disgusting why doesn’t he go eat his sandwich on the the toilet. I said she has been struggling, hasn’t had a bite to eat all while the 3 of you sit there enjoying yourselves and letting her drown.

And then I said loud enough that the tables around could hear that anyone who is offended by a woman breastfeeding needs to get checked because breasts weren’t made for men to suck on for pleasure they were made for feeding and that’s exactly what she’s doing.

No one said anything but she also didn’t go to the bathroom and finished feeding her baby who calmed down and she was able to eat. My bf is upset I caused a scene in front of some of his friends and everyone really at the restaurant but I just couldn’t sit back watch, and say nothing.

AITA for inserting myself and yelling at strangers?”

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