Most of us had curfews put into place by our parents when we were growing up, but you don’t very often hear about spouses putting curfews on each other…

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AITA for setting a 11 pm curfew on my husband?

“I know, I know. He’s a grown man, but let me explain.

We have a 4 month child together and not once has he helped me beyond changing a diaper maybe once a week. I do all of the cooking, cleaning, and 99% of the baby care has been all me. I’ve asked him to take an overnight shift before, but he’s snapped at me saying “I work so I need my sleep so I can put food on the table for you.”

Tbh that stung, but I dropped it after that.

Anyway. Weekdays he works all day and he’s so exhausted when he comes home, he only wants to hang out or play games with his brothers and drink beer. I tell him I appreciate him working so I can take care of our son and go to school. I cook. I clean and do his laundry so he can just rest.

Weekends he doesn’t work, so I feel like he can help a little more. On top of being a full-time mom, I’m also finishing up my final semester in college. So on weekends, he had agreed to watch the baby for at least an hour so I can submit assignments on time, which is usually the Sunday at 11:59 kind of deal. Or let me take a shower since this child is glued to my hip rest of the day. Hence the 11pm curfew, so I have an hour to do my timed exams which is just enough time for me to complete.

He has yet to respect the agreed upon time for him to come home so not only can I shower and get schoolwork done, we can spend quality time as husband and wife since he’s busy all week and goes out every weekend.

When he told his brothers and coworkers about his “curfew”, I was immediately labeled as a controlling, nagging b**ch of a wife. It hurt. I don’t argue with him and my requests are asked in a calm and collected manner: “I have an exam due on Sunday. Can you make some time to help me so I can knock it out?” I guess if you’re not there, it’s easy to assume.

Despite that, he won’t come home on weekends until 1 or 2 AM, ignoring my text when I remind him of my timed exams and homework. Then snaps at me because I don’t let him reward himself for working all week.

I’m really hurt at the name calling. I pride myself in being laidback, flexible, and understanding. AITA? Should I just forget about the curfew?”

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