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Well, take a look at this story from a woman who wants to know if she’s wrong for having a vegan wedding.

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AITA for having a vegan wedding?

“So the title pretty much explains it. My fiancé (28m) and I (29f) are getting married in March. My fiancé has been vegan for 8 years now and I am vegetarian but as my fiancé is the cook in our house I mostly eat vegan.

We want to have a completely vegan wedding, it makes no sense that on the day of his wedding my fiancé wouldn’t be able to eat or drink half of the stuff there. We have planned it with a caterer and are really happy with our sections, honestly the dishes we have picked you wouldn’t even notice were vegan, like bruschetta for starters.

We are also doing a bbq in the evening and intend to use beyond burgers as we both love them and thing they have the most meat like texture and taste.

Both of our parents and siblings are obviously fine with it, a couple are vegetarian themselves and they all eat veggie or vegan a couple of times a week.

We sent out invites and left a space asking for any dietary requirements, for thing like nut allergies. However lots of people have put ‘meat’ or ‘meat eater’ in the space. we were talking to some relatives last week at a family get together (all vaccinated and allowed in our country) and when we confirmed we weren’t serving any animal products they started giving us grief for ‘forcing’ them to be vegan and that we were a**holes for not accommodating to their diets.

It’s 2 meals out of their lives, we aren’t forcing anyone to change their diet and neither me or my fiancé want to have food at our wedding which we don’t eat, we don’t want to have to think about checking an ingredients list, we just want to enjoy ourselves.

We are also paying for everything ourselves. So Reddit, are we TA here?”

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This reader said that this couple was not to blame and that even if you’re a meat-eater, it’s not gonna be a big deal to have a vegan meal sometimes.

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This person said that even people who AREN’T vegan eat vegan meals sometimes…even if they don’t know it.

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And this person said that even big meat eaters don’t usually have meat for EVERY meal.

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Lastly, this person said that some people just want to get aggressive about this stuff for idealogical reasons.

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