This sounds like a movie scene, doesn’t it?

I can picture someone in my head slowly ripping up a check in front of someone’s face…but this is real life, folks!

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AITA for ripping up a check in front of my husband?

“I(29F) and my husband(30M) got married in June.

I recently found that I will be expecting and we are very excited. Money has been a light due to my husband only working part-time. He wants to spend his free-time by building a baby room. I think it’s very sweet and I am very excited to see the room.

My parents and husband get along okay. They are worried that my husband is only with me for money. I grew up in a nice neighborhood and went to good schools. My parents did not grow up with money and worked hard to become successful. My husband did not grow up with money and has not asked for anything. We do not share finances as he loves to spend money.

My parents asked me to come over for dinner as they wanted to talk. I went over and they told me that they had given husband a check for $500 to help with the baby room. I was surprised when they gave me another check for $1,000. I went home and saw my husband playing on a brand new playstation 5. I asked him where the money was that my parents gave him and he admitted to using it on the playstation.

I asked him about the $1,000 check and he said I’m using that on a new gaming PC. I pulled the check out and ripped it up. He starts yelling at me and calls me a petty b**ch for destroying the check. I told my parents about everything and they are demanding for their money back. His parents are calling me crazy and think I was in the wrong.”

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