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AITA for telling my SIL I will disown her if she gets pregnant?

“I (33f) live with my brother (32m) and his new wife (34f). Things have been fine to a point, and I definitely appreciate them taking me in during my time of need.

That is not lost on me, I recognize they did not have to help me and I am incredibly thankful that they have done that. But my SIL has baby fever and she is talking about trying to get pregnant.

First of all, I know my brother had the snip after his divorce from his first wife. He would have to have the procedure reversed and his insurance will not cover it, and to be frank they cannot afford that. Part of why they allowed me to move in is because they are in financial trouble and I am contributing quite a lot of money to bills right now.

I cover probably 2/3 of all the bills because my SIL doesn’t work and my brother pays an ungodly amount of child support to his ex wife. The financial issues can go ahead and be another point in the situation.

My SIL also can barely take care of herself. She sleeps most of the day. She does not clean, she does not cook, she doesn’t take care of the child she already has… her daughter is 6 yrs old and she doesn’t even interact with her unless she HAS to. That is a totally separate issue… I have become a live-in maid and nanny on top of working 45 or more hrs a week.

My SIL lost custody of her other child about 2 yrs ago. He is 11 and living with family. I do not know why she even lost custody but he SAYS he was abused. She did not fight to get him back.

2 days ago my brother told me he has an appointment to meet with his Doc to discuss the reversal so him and SIL can try for a baby… I told them they were out of their minds. It got explosive and I finally asked WHO was going to take care of a baby when my brother works full time, I work full time and she constantly makes excuses to not even do basic s**t around the house like take the dog outside.

She really had the nerve to tell me “I thought you could handle them when you get off work before (brother) gets home so the load is evenly distributed.” I blew up! I told her I am not going to be a parent to ANOTHER one of her kids and that if they really do this then I am totally done and they are on their own.

I told my brother I would always love him and help him if he needs me but that I would never talk to SIL and make sure the rest of the family disowns her too. I think I was probably TA for saying that the way I did. She started crying and locked herself in the bedroom.

My brother is threatening to kick me out and again I might be TA for this… I told him he can’t afford to kick me out and he can’t afford a replacement maid/nanny like I have been.

I told our mom about what happened and she not only thinks I’m NTA but is now mad at my brother. Our dad however said I am TA because it isn’t my place to say anything about my brother’s decisions.

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