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AITA for “stealing” my sister’s son?

“Here is the background info you need to pass judgement: my sister(45) and I (42F) grew up with absent parents. They were successful doctors and honestly did not have time for us.

My sister followed in their footsteps, I married at 22 after attending a very small culinary school and decided to be a housewife. My parents and sister do not like my husband because I spent what was left of my trust paying off his student loans and buying our home.

My sister had a kid when she was 30, ended up being a single mom who is also a doctor. My husband and I stepped up and took over most of his care because I did not want him to grow up like I did. He calls me Mama OP and he calls my husband Papa DH. He also mainly lives with us and only goes home once or twice a week. We also have guardianship over him.

My sister knows and does not mind. Like I said very busy and successful.

We were at my parents for Christmas, they started throwing shade at me (for not being a doctor like them) and at my husband (because of the aforementioned reason). We are used to it and decided years ago that we don’t care since we rarely see them and they are great with the kids.

I guess my nephew took offence and he just went off on his grandparents and his mom, some harsh truths were spoken and he ended up telling my sister that he views her as an absent aunt and not his mom. That me and DH are all the parents he needs and wants. He was so upset and tempers were flaring so we took him and our kids and went home.

I tried contacting my sister to tell her that I put him in therapy and that she should attend too to try and fix their relationship but she didn’t answer.

It wasn’t untill yesterday that she called me d**nk and said that I was so jealous of her that I stole her kid and ruined their relationship. I didn’t reply and just hanged up on her and sent her a text with all the relevant info about the therapist and schedule so she could attend if she wants to.

But I am feeling so guilty, I never tried to steal her kid, she really loves him. All I did was try to be there for him so he doesn’t have the same childhood I did.


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