It’s a fact of life.

Some things are harder for men and some things are harder for women.

And I think we can all understand each other a little bit better when we can admit what’s more difficult for the other half, don’t you?

Women on AskReddit talked about what think is more difficult for men.

Let’s take a look.

1. The way it is, I guess.

“I’m an Italian man who’s very affectionate (I’m a hugger) and playful around kids.

And if I could just be myself I would coo over every baby I see. But I have to hold it back hard cause of the association between men who imo are good with kids and pedos. And to some extent I get it, heaven forbid my kid was ever attacked by a pe**phile…

But I just wish society realized that some men dote over children too, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

2. Mental health.

“Getting help for mental health issues.

The fact that men commit more suicide in all countries but China shows that it’s a gendered problem.

Women tend to attempt more through less abrupt means like overdose, but men do it abruptly (like shooting, hanging, etc) and therefore more men die from suicide than women.

We really need to address this because while mental health is an important across the board, I think men find it more difficult to seek help.”

3. Be strong.

“It is not socially acceptable to show certain emotions.

Happy? Ok. Angry? D**n right! Sad? No! Scared? No! Depressed? Man up! You better not cry!

Strong, stoic, closed up. That’s a “real” man. It’s cruel to not allow 50% of the population to feel.”

4. Make your move.

“Being expected to make the first move.

Why can’t we all do everything?

Guys work in a “woman’s world” and vice versa.”

5. You look nice today.

“Giving a compliment and having most women assume you’re flirting, when you were really just giving a compliment.

I imagine that’s gotta be annoying!”

6. Two things.

“I straight up cannot imagine how mortifying it must be for a young man who’s just entered puberty to have absolutely no control over when or where he is when he becomes visibly s**ually aroused by something.

Also, I am all too aware the “one in six” statistic is a gross under-calculation of incidents of male s**ual abuse.”

7. Doing good work.

“Being a male nurse. Male nurses are automatically labeled as homos**ual, whether they are or not.

Always being called upon to be the “muscle” to move patients, needing to have a chaperone when attending to female patients, and being called perverted for doing necessary tasks like catheterization, changing dressings, and bathing female patients.

None of this happens when the gender roles are reversed. The hospital I worked at did not allow male nurses to work in the maternity ward either because it made too many patients feel uncomfortable.

In the end, if the patient isn’t comfortable with a situation, then that’s entirely up to them to choose who cares for them, but there is still a bias in this field.”

8. Insecurity.

“I truly feel that most men are more insecure than women. Women voice more insecurity but men can’t.

My boyfriend told me the other day some things he thinks of when he sees other men and I just guess I was ignorant to the fact that men have insecurities too.

Not being able to voice them has to make it more difficult.”

9. Protectors.

“Feeling responsible for your partner physical safety.

I know my husband (and some of my friends!) feel like they should be ready to “protect” me if we’re attacked.

That must be terrifying.”

10. Anxiety.

“My boyfriend has awful anxiety.

I love him so dearly but there aren’t a lot of specialists and people who understand guys anxiety.

He doesn’t know where to turn for good coping mechanisms or treatment because no one takes it seriously.”

11. Some make great teachers.


My fiancée is becoming a teacher, and he was told that he should make sure to never be alone a student, especially female students, so he could have another witness just incase he’s falsely accused by the student. He was told that a female teacher would be the best for a witness if he needed to speak with a student.

Also in my senior year, we got a new band director who wasn’t much older than us seniors. He was 24 I believe.

He was very uncomfortable if any student tried to hug him; we had some very affectionate people in class and our old band director didn’t really have an issue with giving us hugs every now and again. I understood why the new director was uncomfortable because he didn’t want to be accused of inappropriate behavior.

If it was a female teacher, I’m pretty sure no one would even bat an eye.”

12. There’s a stigma.

“Being a stay home dad since a lot of people always assume that women stay home to take care of kids.”

To all the women out there: what do you think is harder for men?

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