You better pay me back!

I’d like to think that everyone intends on paying back the money they borrow, but I guess you never know…

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AITA for telling my BF I expect him to pay me back?

“I (19f) have been living with my bf (20m) for nearly 2 years now.

He has no job and I have 2. His mom gives him money whenever he asks so it’s not like he is ever short on cash.. He chooses not to get a job and I usually dont say anything about it because he typically does stuff to help around our house. I pay for all our bills (rent, electric, car payments, ect.), groceries, and anytime he wants to go out and do something together.

The other day my bf and I went to town to pay the bills and get groceries. When we were done I had $30 to last a week for gas so I can get to and from work. He asked if we could stop and get something to eat instead of going home and making something for dinner. I told him I didn’t have enough for that and explained why.

He told me that it was ok. That he would pay for it and I could just pay him back whenever I get my next check. For 2 years I have paid for everything he never had to or was never asked to pay for anything. This comment pi**ed me off. He went to get something to eat and I refused to order anything. His comment had really dug deep and got on my nerves.

He asked me why I wouldn’t eat. He got mad when I told him this way I wouldn’t owe him for a d**n thing. He said it was no big deal that I could pay him back whenever. Repeating himself only pi**ed me off more. I told him that if he expects me to pay him back for a meal then I want him to start paying me back for everything I’ve spent for the past 2 years for us.

I didn’t really mean it I was just stressed and pi**ed. So now he has been at his mom’s house for the past 3 nights and I have gotten multiple texts and calls saying I’m an a**hole and I should’ve just agreed to pay him back and called it good.

So am I the a**hole?”

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