For most people, our early 20’s are a fun and wild time, but perhaps nothing is more wild than just how different an experience that period was for our parents. You listen to them tell their stories and you start doing a little math in your head and at some point you realize “Holy crap. They were doing full-on grown up things at my age and I’m about to rewatch Tiger King for the fourth time.”

Anyway, these memes are about that very specific feeling.

10. Marriage plans

Can’t get involved with relationships, I’m too busy with my existential crisis.

9. Pobody’s nerfect

Nobody nobody nobody, nobody nobody? Nobody.

8. That’s my girl

Guess we’ll find out what kind of ride we’re goin’ on!

7. Vibe check

There’s a monster inside you, and you need to get it under control.

6. Are you feeling it now?

We have very different cultural landmarks and that’s ok.

5. I choose you

You always remember your first.

4. All mine

We must devote ourselves to our passions, whatever they may be.

3. Eat me up

I’m going to need some kind of nourishment for my soul.

2. Fry me to the moon

This is it, this was the goal all along.

1. On the side

These are the defining moments.

Honestly, I’m glad I wasn’t married at age 22 like my parents were. Who needs that kinda headache? There’s Pokemon to be caught.

What’s the biggest difference between you and your parents?

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